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Post by PlyFly#14 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 2:59 pm

Hey all, just sending out an update on #14. I've replaced the wheels and tires on all 4 corners using 2 piece 6" wheels and tires from BMI Karts. Front spindles need to be replaced with longer bolts and the real axle needs to have sleeves added to utilize a 3/4" keyed bore wheel. The ride difference is incredible. The tubed tires add that bit of cushion making the ride not as harsh. Next up I'll be looking into a way to improve acceleration. Top speed is fine, but off the line could be better. Finding a clutch to fit the axle could be difficult so another sleeve may be needed.

What have you been doing? How have you improved our Karts?

I need a bigger garage

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